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I would really like to endorse Kenny Kuder as a top-notch web-designer. He was our web-designer at a company I used to do business with and when they wouldn’t let Kenny do what needed to be done he left and several of us followed him. He has been unbelieveable from a service and cost standpoint. He handles changes immediately and is always giving us new ideas to make our sites better. Give him a chance and see what a difference a great web-designer can make.

Mark Stimpson, WA

Kenny, I have been in the Life Insurance and Annuity industry for over 40 years. I have spent thousands and thousands of dollars on my websites over the years. Simply put…You Are The Best! Having a professional website today is a must. You are creative, open to producer’s ideas and get the job done quickly. Also, the cost is the best deal around. Thank you for my website, and if someone wants to call me regarding your work, I would be glad to help.

Jim Lorigo, CO

I was looking around trying to find someone to help me with a new website when I saw an e-mail from Kenny. I had asked many people if they knew anyone that was good with website design and no one seemed to have anyone that they could recommend. I was able to get some quotes and they were outrageously priced. I had almost given up when I found Kenny.

Terri Huber, NM

Kenny Thanks for the great job you did with my web site. I now have a tool that I use to send my clients to and close more annuity business because of it. The videos are great too! My credibility has gone through the roof because of it.

Alan Mott, NJ

My clients look forward to my Newsletter each week, I have received several compliments on them and my clients are getting better informed about industry articles that promote my business and even better my beliefs of what we do. Thanks again Kenny for all you do and your hard work in helping my business.

Blair Aaronson, CA

It’s refreshing to work with professionals that not only enjoy their jobs, but strive for excellence as well. If you are looking for a great website with great service for a great price, you can stop looking and relax. Kenny and Financial Web Design are the best. Thank you for all you do!

Ben Heizer, IL

I had the pleasure of meeting Kenny Kuder a year ago last August. Kenny’s enthusiasm is contagious. He is one of the most upbeat, positive people that I have been privileged to know, work with and call a friend. During the past month Kenny has organized and constructed a state of the art website for our company. From logos to photos, Kenny was on me for information faster than I could provide it. Professionalism and integrity are attributes I look for, and Kenny Kuder (Financial Web Service) posses both.

Jim & Deanna Bone, VA

I paid a company to create the Web site for my company, and while it was a great start, it was not as interactive as we–and our clients–would have liked. I asked Kenny if he would take a look at the site. What he did was amazing! He added informative financial articles, video shorts and streamlined the site, so it is much more user-friendly. Our clients also now receive a weekly newsletter, informing them of financial trends, which support my business. My company has received extremely positive feedback from these changes, and my business has grown, as a result of his work. I will continue to utilize his services and look forward to seeing what else he can offer the Web site and my business.

Jim Lang, MA